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Wonderful Things That Web Host Could Offer You

There is one web hosting company you should know about right now. It is none other than We have always wondered why very few talk about this hosting company, yet we think it is great. After our trial period on, we chose it for long-term use. We believe that you will feel the same way once you get their Starter hosting plan. A plan that costs only $1.89 dollars per month, Starter is ideal for any small-scale business person. After picking it, you will receive a website building kit and blog support service. In a nutshell, gives you the following things:

  • photo gallery
  • email mailboxes
  • file manager
  • website builder
  • WordPress Blogging platform
  • Cloud storage
  • Reporting tools
  • Shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting and VPS hosting

Set up process

A novice deserves a hosting service they can set up quickly and easily. suits this description so well because all you should do is to look for a suitable domain name, determine the amount of storage space you need, enter your personal information and billing details and complete the process. It is important to know that the American Express card is not acceptable. If you are based in the U.S, you will be able to pay for this service via PayPal.

However, you will have to enter your birthday the way they do it in Europe: day, month and year. After this, will send you an email with a link. Click this link to access the activation page and then wait for an activation code to be sent to your mobile phone. In short, you should fill up an online form correctly and submit. The company will prompt the set up process we have described above.

Note that the company’s account portal has a simple appearance. As a result, it will be easy to find a link through which you can add more domains and display the amount of space your site has consumed. We could assume that all features are unlimited in terms of usage, as does not expressly state it.

Hosting options and charges

Shared hosting is available, if you cannot afford dedicated or VPS hosting plans. With this one, you get one-step WordPress blogging, a personal email address, a website builder and a few other essentials. The entry level tier does offer sufficient storage space—15GB. Considering that it hardly costs $2 every month, the Starter quote is extremely fair. If you want to pay it annually, you will pay only $22.68.

This is a fair amount, compared to other powerful web hosting services’ charges. In fact, is your best bet if you want to pay less and still keep your website online for twenty-four hours. They do have a set up fee though, during the first year. But this cost can be waived by special promotions that One.Com keeps on offering its prospects. From the second year onward, customers no longer pay a set up fee.

As gives you only a fifteen-day money-back guarantee interval, you must know what you want in advance. Most web hosts offer their customers a 30 to 60 money-back-guarantee period. Hence, this is seen as the downside of choosing But if you consider monthly pricing renewal and entry fees, is the cheapest option you have. This being said, you might ask why very few talk about this hosting company. Perhaps it is because they need to know the real truth about And you need to, too, if you seriously want to meet the most reliable and affordable hosting company, takes the lead.

Final word

If you are just starting out, you will completely fall in love with It does offer scalability, and so you can grow with it. As for established bloggers, the Business hosting plan is good for you. Still there is room for development as far as support for big players goes.

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